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Get The Help You Need For Your Elderly Loved One

The California Medi-Cal (Medicaid) System Has Changed!

Recent changes to the California Medicaid system (Medi-Cal in California) mean that all assets owned by individuals or a family are now WAIVED, making eligibility even more accessible.

There’s a catch.

The County implements these changes to recover money from families after the patient passes away through their Estate Recovery Program.

This is where we step in. 

We can help you properly position your assets, set up a family trust the right way, and prevent California Medi-Cal Estate Recovery from coming after the surviving family.

Navigating the complexities of Medi-Cal can be daunting, especially when you have a family member or loved one dealing with health issues and requiring financial medical assistance. The last thing on your mind should be getting lost in the legal and bureaucratic paperwork.

That’s why we offer tailored services for Your Peace of Mind.


Let us help you secure your healthcare coverage and prevent Estate Recovery from taking away your home and assets.

We also help Seniors age in place and avoid having to go to a nursing home.

Ways We Can Help Your Family

Asset Protection and Estate Recovery Avoidance:

  • Safeguard your assets while navigating the intricate landscape of Medi-Cal.

Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities Assistance:

  • Expert support in admissions, agreement processing, and application follow-up.

Medi-Cal Denied Claims Appeals:

  • Specialists in turning around denied claims and your advocate throughout the entire process. We won’t stop until we have exhausted all possible routes to ensure your Medi-Cal eligibility.

Elder Care and VA Eligibility:

  • Juggling caregiving and work? We can help you find solutions and support.

Specialized Support for Various Needs:

  • Whether it’s memory care, in-home supportive services, or nursing homes, we’ve got your back.

We explore the options available to every family. PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) is one such option.

It allows your elderly loved one to stay at home with proper care and resources (and avoid assisted living, nursing homes, and skilled nursing facilities).

PACE also assists with facility placement if that becomes necessary for a higher level of care.

You must be Medi-Cal eligible to qualify for the PACE program.


You’ll be surprised to learn that becoming eligible for Medi-Cal isn’t based solely on income.

You can also own a house and other assets and still qualify for Medi-Cal but still be subject to Medi-Cal Estate Recovery.

Proper planning means they won’t be able to “take your home” after your elder loved one has passed away.

Having experienced guidance can mean preventing Estate Recovery.

It means aging in place whenever possible.

And having the financial support to make it happen.


Tony is an expert in getting people set up on Medi-Cal quickly and easily.

Sue B
May 2019

Tony Bevin at Financial Security Designs has been a valuable resource to our team in helping clients with Medi-Cal and Veteran Benefits.

His service is high quality and professional, and he is always knowledgeable about the latest regulations affecting these benefits – which is so important. I highly recommend Tony.

SCA San Diego
May 2019

Thanks so much for your many years of service. It was such a comfort and relief for me to know you had the expertise to identify and assemble all the paperwork required and get it through the proper channels of the welfare department.

Without this huge benefit I could now be “wiped out” financially.

Ruth B
February 2018

Tony helped us figure out how to plan ahead for the unknown(s). Answered our many questions. He’s kind, knowledgeable, and patient.

Arlene M
April 2017

My mother-in-law was able to live independently years longer with support from family and hired caregivers. She progressively declined and was hospitalized for exacerbation of chronic health issues. She was stabilized and transferred to a SNF(skilled nursing facility) for physical therapy/medical observation to optimize her recovery. The staff gave notice she was ready for discharge after a few weeks; she was obviously no longer safe living alone and would require 24 hr. long-term care – which we sadly could not provide or pay for.

She liked the nursing home a lot. We had little time for decisions and had to act quickly for her to be able to stay. The case manager sensed we were at a standstill; it is difficult to know the right thing to do for your loved one to get the best care available. Fortunately, she gave us the phone number of Tony Bevin, a Medi-Cal/VA Benefits consultant for Financial Security Designs, who could help us sort out our options, if any. He does not work for the SNF, but works with Medi-Cal/VA and related organizations to assess initial eligibility and facilitate your application for Medi-Cal, if that’s what you need. He may offer other recommendations as every situation is not the same.

There is social work staff in the SNF/Medi-Cal office that can simply help you fill out an application at no cost, but final placement choices likely will be limited and the time frame much longer; they do not assist with finances/SNF admission forms etc, which is very important to set aside for future planning, and to avoid Medi-Cal contacting you months later for inaccuracies/red tape involving the transition/finances at the SNF etc. You should get a free, no obligation consult from a professional like Tony even if you think the patient does not qualify; many do qualify.

We called Tony, reached him right away, and he went over some general information about the process of transition/discharge from the SNF for long term placement including cost for the service/time frames we were looking at, etc. He would need to meet with us ASAP and there was no cost or obligation for the consult – he even agreed to come to our house the next day as we needed to apply ASAP. The application process is daunting for most, as is interpreting exactly what information/documents they are really asking for—not just what is in the standard instructions on the application—and when. There are strict time restraints at intervals, let alone how they mesh with the SNF’s Medicare mandates/timing of discharge and patient’s rights/obligations at SNF while awaiting approval.

Tony filled out the application for us; we had to provide him with documents and information, which allowed us to concentrate on Mom and other needs like moving her out of her apartment, paying her bills, etc. Tony is very available for direction/questions during and after the process. Mom was approved in 8 weeks, a lot faster than expected! But it all depends on what medical situation, documents you need and how fast they can be obtained, holidays (we had two major ones) etc.

I highly recommend Tony Bevin from our recent experience. The services provided were invaluable. He has many years’ experience in the field, very knowledgeable, down to business to get your application approved ASAP, always available, and pleasant! Save yourself unnecessary stress and a potentially long and drawn out application process over months. It appeared pricey at first, but with all the allowances and mandated spend down of modest assets, and assurance if Medi-Cal has questions in the future it will be addressed, it was well worth it for Mom to have the best outcome and care as possible.

February 2017

Thank you for all your help with my husband, Ray’s Medi-Cal claim. Your patience and “can do” attitude was very comforting in such a stressful situation.

I want you to know that I will keep you in mind for any future recommendations.

November 2016

A few years ago, my mother had a stroke that left her disabled. I imagine this situation occurs often but for us it was more than devastating and we were certainly not prepared.

Almost immediately after being referred to Tony Bevin at Financial Security Designs, what began as a nightmare became just a process. His professionalism, knowledge and genuine concern for my mother was apparent right from the beginning.

His expertise and willingness to do whatever was necessary to solve some of the more complex problems we had, was extraordinary.

My mother recently passed but the guidance provided by Tony Bevin on her Medi-Cal issues and other challenges made us trust him like family. If I trust him like family, you can also. I highly recommend Tony Bevin and his team.

J. Stocking
May 2020

Back in 2009, my father lost his vision (legally blind to California standards). I moved him into my house and enrolled him into the San Diego Center for the Blind and he thrived. Then in March of 2017, at the age of 79, he required a 4-way bypass. He came out a lot weaker than any of us anticipated but he did good living with me (and now my adult son that graduated from college). Three generations under one roof. I have to admit, it was one of the greatest experiences of our lives. After five admissions to the hospital in a six month period, we came to the realization that he required more help than my son and I could provide (7-day a week, 24-hour a day).

Living in California, I thought it would be easy to apply for Medi-Cal to supplement his Social Security, but was I wrong. We applied for Medi-Cal in July 2016. He was denied benefits for reasons still unknown. Feeling helpless and worried that my father wasn’t going to get the care that he needed and deserved, I reached out to a friend. She suggested that I contact Financial Security Designs (FSD), a company that specializes in getting the benefits that a California resident is entitled to.

I contacted FSD and met with Tony Bevin mid-August 2019. From the first time I met with Tony, he was able to work through the red tape and endless pitfalls that the county throws into the mix. At one point while working with Tony, my father was denied benefits a second time because they didn’t have documentation that he owned cemetery space (it was discovered that the county had the deed of trust after all, and for some reason decided it was in their best interest to deny the claim). Another reason for the denial was that they needed the final statement from a savings account that was closed fifteen years ago.

Tony knows the laws, the rules and how to deal with the people at the county that are, let’s just say, less than helpful. I didn’t have to deal with the county people, Tony took care of everything. The county continued to play games, but Tony knew the rules of the game better than they did.

Because of FSD and Tony, my father was approved for Medi-Cal and was placed into a wonderful Skilled Nursing Facility. He gained weight, made friends and was living rather than just “existing.” There was a spark in his eyes that I haven’t seen in a very long time.

My father passed away in May 2020, but because of FSD and Tony, the last eight months of his life were wonderful. I don’t want to think about what his last few months would have been like if we wouldn’t have received the help from FSD.

Kevin Dorst
June 2020

Tony’s expertise is invaluable in navigating the Medi-Cal process. He assisted qualifying my elderly parents with his knowledge and professionalism in a timely manner.

He continues to help qualify them annually and I would be lost without his guidance. He is worth his weight in gold. Thank you, Tony!

Kathleen K
July 2020

Tony Bevin is the person to go if you’re not sure how to get your loved one qualified for Medi-Cal! He’s very patient, kind and will take plenty of time to answer all of your questions.

We were so scared, confused about what to do and he guided us in the right direction. Highly, highly recommend him to anyone!!

Thanks again Tony, you’re a light in a scary day for us. Made us smile when we felt like crying.

Cat Alborn
March 2021

“Tony’s expertise is invaluable navigating the Medi-Cal process. He helped in qualifying my elderly parents with his knowledge and professionalism.”

Kathleen K

“Thank you for all your help with my husband Ray’s Medi-Cal claim. Your patience and “can do” attitude were very comforting in such a stressful situation.”


“Extremely helpful. We were referred to this company during a time of great distress. They figured out what to do to make sure my father’s care was covered. Recommend without reservation.”

Roberto Chavez
January 2023

Why Work With Us?

Our Commitment, Expertise, and Compassion Set Us Apart!

At Financial Security Designs, our roots run deep in California, where we've proudly supported California families and veterans through the intricacies of Medi-Cal Eligibility and VA Benefits for over 30 years.

Tony is our seasoned expert with a wealth of experience spanning over three decades, specializing in benefits and comprehensive planning for families, spouses, and heirs.

As the Area Director of the San Diego North Advisory Board of the California Care Planning Council, Tony stands at the forefront of a network dedicated to providing a single source of community care providers and advisers. This council serves as a valuable resource, helping the public navigate retirement and eldercare needs.

What sets us apart? Tony brings a unique perspective, leveraging his extensive experience and leadership role in the California Care Planning Council to ensure you receive the best guidance and support tailored to your specific situation.

✅ Cost-Effective Solutions

The most affordable services to ensure you get the support you need without financial strain.

✅ 100% Money Back Guarantee

Any cases we accept come with a full money-back guarantee if you’re not approved!

✅ Decades of Expertise and Compassionate Care

Benefit from our extensive experience and compassionate approach to your unique needs.

✅ Proven Track Record

Trust in our success stories navigating the Medi-Cal landscape. 100% approval rate on all Medi-Cal cases we accept.


Medi-Cal and Elder Care Consulting

Medi-cal Benefits

We guide our clients on Asset Protection, help with the process of getting admitted to Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facilities, fill out the admission agreements (some facilities ask for signatures on forms that they cannot legally require), and follow up on the application process.

Our service also includes advice on the transfers of assets and changes in beneficiaries to keep the State of California Estate Recovery from coming back for payments that were made on behalf of a Medi-Cal beneficiary.

Most of our new clients are unaware they can become eligible for financial assistance through Medi-Cal/Medicaid, regardless of income and assets.

California’s Medicaid system is known as Medi-Cal.

This is a public health insurance program that offers essential medical services to people and families with kids, elders, people with disabilities, people in foster care, pregnant women, and those with certain conditions, including HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, or tuberculosis.

State and federal governments each contribute equally to the cost of Medi-Cal.

The funds paid for care (on behalf of the Medi-Cal recipient) are subject to Estate Recovery but are exempt from determining eligibility. Additionally, we advise the client on how to legally reposition assets and remain exempt from Estate Recovery.

We also help those who have been denied by Medi-Cal in the past – we are specialists in Appeals of denied Medi-Cal Claims.

We know it can be hard to care for aging parents while also working. We can help you find Medi-Cal-approved Skilled Nursing Facilities in California (if needed) and handle your Medi-Cal or VA eligibility so you can focus on helping your loved ones get better.Best of all, we help your loved ones age in place at home and avoid a nursing home, utilizing various programs that most don’t know about, including PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly).


What To Expect If We Accept Your Case

We review your family's unique situation and strategically guide you on the proper, legal, and fully disclosed process of re-positioning assets to protect you from Medi-Cal Estate Recovery.

We handle:

  • The California Medi-Cal/Medicaid application process for you.
  • Follow-ups and long hold times with the County.
  • Denied claims (which are not uncommon during the application process).

We keep your family updated, as well as any nursing home billing departments needing status. Once eligibility is approved, you're all set!

FSD Money Back Guarantee

Any cases we accept come with a full money-back guarantee if you're not approved! We have a 100% approval rate on every case we take on!

(See Disclaimer for full details.)

If you need to know if your loved one is in a Medi-Cal-approved facility, let’s hop on a quick call. We’re happy to help.

VA Benefits Consultant

We help veterans & their families in California understand how to obtain long-term care benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

It's astounding that roughly 1/3 of all seniors can qualify for up to $2,300 monthly in additional income through Pension under the right conditions. Pension is also known as the "aid and attendance benefit." Yet government statistics show only 5% of potentially eligible veterans are actually receiving the Pension benefit.

This benefit can help pay anyone (except spouses), including your child, for home care. It can also be used to help you pay for professional care in the home, for assisted living, or for a nursing home. Imagine having an extra $2,300 monthly that you didn't even know existed.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Financial Security Designs has specialized in Medi-Cal and VA benefits and eldercare planning for families, spouses, and heirs for over 25 years.

We work hard as your advocate, simplifying the complex issues of receiving financial benefits and properly and legally protecting a family's assets.

We are your liaison between the nursing home and Medi-Cal/Medicaid.

We have helped so many clients over the years and received incredible feedback from them. We invite you to review our Testimonials page or check out our latest Google Reviews below (if on mobile, tap on ‘View larger map’).

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