VA Special Monthly Compensation (SMC)

What Is VA Special Monthly Compensation?

VA Special Monthly Compensation (commonly referred to as SMC) is a monthly monetary amount given to veterans, spouses, and surviving spouses (and dependent parents) with specific disabilities or needs.

The exact amount that you receive depends on a variety of factors. This does get a bit complicated which is why many turn to VA experts like ourselves to help acquire all the compensation they deserve.

If you were on active duty and are now suffering from injuries or diseases that have you housebound, you will be able to claim this disability compensation. To make things easier for you, the benefits are fully tax-free.

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You do not have to pay to get the help that’s owed to you.

Usually, the amount you receive each month will honor the time you had to spend out of work because of the injury or disease. This way, you can be sure that you are compensated for the loss of everything important to you.

Special Monthly Compensation is usually a higher rate of compensation due to circumstances such as needing aid and attendance or having a disability.

Most of the folks we talk to about Aid and Attendance (A & A) think they need to have a service related condition to qualify – which is called Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) not Aid and Attendance (A & A).

Aid and Attendance is also called Pension. So when I tell them Aid and Attendance benefits are available for those who served at least 90 days active duty, one day during wartime, and received an honorable discharge, and are therefore eligible for reimbursement of unreimbursed medical expenses, they are surprised.

When you call to discuss your situation, we will go over the various options available to make sure you receive the maximum benefits.

Am I Eligible for SMC?

If you are suffering from a service-related disability and were discharged because of this, you are more than likely eligible to receive disability compensation. 

How Much Will I Receive?

To find out a rough estimate of the monthly payout you’ll receive (2021 VA Special Monthly Compensation Rates), take a quick look at this handy table:

VeteranMonthly Income
Housebound without Dependents$1,418.00
Housebound with One Dependent$1,778.00
Aid and Attendance without Dependents$1,936.00
Aid and Attendance with One Dependent$2,295.00
Surviving SpouseMonthly Income
Housebound without Dependents$951.00
Aid and Attendance without Dependents$1,244.00
Two Veterans Married to each otherMonthly Income
One A&A, One Independent$2,295.00
One A&A, One Housebound$2,552.00
Both Aid and Attendance$3,071.00

How Can I Apply for Disability Compensation and SMC?

For those who want to apply by themselves, then you need to fill out the VA Form 21-526ez, Veterans Application for Compensation or Pension. On top of that, all of the documents below need to be submitted to the VA:

  • Medical evidence from your doctor(s) and hospital(s)
  • Marriage and children’s birth certificates (called dependency records)
  • Discharge/separation paperwork (DD214 or equivalent)

When you start applying for VA SMC you’ll quickly find that it’s a lot easier when you have some help from an expert. Not only can we give you this VA guidance (at no charge), but we can also assist you with becoming Medi-Cal eligible if that would apply to your situation and provide additional assistance.

Get in touch so we can talk through your situation. We’ll get you the VA Benefits you deserve.

Can Veterans Get More for Serious Disabilities?

Absolutely. You may get additional money (i.e. increased monthly payments) if you have suffered the loss or loss of use of certain organs or limbs because of military service. Loss, or loss of use, is described as “…either an amputation or, having no effective remaining function of an extremity or organ.” This includes:

  • Loss/loss of use of a hand or foot
  • Paralysis
  • Loss/loss of use of buttocks
  • Loss of tissue from breasts
  • Deafness
  • Loss/loss of reproductive organs
  • Loss of sight in an eye
  • Joint immobility

To discuss your specific situation, contact our office. Our team is always available to answer your questions and help you get the compensation you need.

There are a lot of complex variables depending on dates served and injuries sustained, therefore we’ll discuss your case when you call for your initial consultation at 858-673-8448.

Can You Help Me Apply for Disability Compensation and SMC?

Of course!

Contact our office today so we can discuss your own unique situation and help you figure out what VA Benefits you’re entitled to receive. Ask for Tony at 858-673-8848.

Source: the information above was taken from the US department of Veterans Affairs website.

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