Our Disclaimer

veterans benefits consultant is an individual who helps veterans understand long term care benefits available through VA. This can include information available to the public on veterans health care, state veterans homes and veterans disability income benefits. We place particular emphasis on Pension and Death Pension because these benefits are typically more useful for the elderly needing long term care. Pension is also known as “the aid and attendance benefit.”

We provide information about the aid and attendance benefit including what it is, who can qualify and what information and documentation are necessary in order to file a claim.

A consultant does not participate in any way in the application process unless that consultant is accredited by VA. For all others, veteran households seeking help with filing a claim are directed to an appropriate veterans service organization or to a state or county veteran service representative.

The individual(s) on this site are private practitioners or in some cases representatives of veterans service organizations and are not connected with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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