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Client Testimonials

Tony helped us figure out how to plan ahead for the unknown(s). Answered our many questions. He's kind, knowledgeable, and patient.

- Arlene M.
San Diego, 4-2-2017

Thanks so much for your many years of service. It was such a comfort and relief for me to know you had the expertise to identify and assemble all the paperwork required and get it through the proper channels of the welfare department. Without this huge benefit I could now be "wiped out" financially.

- Ruth B.
Temecula, 2-1-18

My mother-in-law was able to live independently years longer with support from family and hired caregivers. She progressively declined and was hospitalized for exacerbation of chronic health issues. She was stabilized and transferred to a SNF(skilled nursing facility) for physical therapy/medical observation to optimize her recovery. The staff gave notice she was ready for discharge after a few weeks; she was obviously no longer safe living alone and would require 24 hr. long-term care - which we sadly could not provide or pay for.

She liked the nursing home a lot. We had little time for decisions and had to act quickly for her to be able to stay. The case manager sensed we were at a standstill; it is difficult to know the right thing to do for your loved one to get the best care available. Fortunately, she gave us the phone number of Tony Bevin, a Medi-Cal/VA Benefits consultant for Financial Security Designs, who could help us sort out our options, if any. He does not work for the SNF, but works with Medi-Cal/VA and related organizations to assess initial eligibility and facilitate your application for Medi-Cal, if that’s what you need. He may offer other recommendations as every situation is not the same.

There is social work staff in the SNF/Medi-Cal office that can simply help you fill out an application at no cost, but final placement choices likely will be limited and the time frame much longer; they do not assist with finances/SNF admission forms etc, which is very important to set aside for future planning, and to avoid Medi-Cal contacting you months later for inaccuracies/red tape involving the transition/finances at the SNF etc. You should get a free, no obligation consult from a professional like Tony even if you think the patient does not qualify; many do qualify.

We called Tony, reached him right away, and he went over some general information about the process of transition/discharge from the SNF for long term placement including cost for the service/time frames we were looking at, etc. He would need to meet with us ASAP and there was no cost or obligation for the consult – he even agreed to come to our house the next day as we needed to apply ASAP. The application process is daunting for most, as is interpreting exactly what information/documents they are really asking for—not just what is in the standard instructions on the application—and when. There are strict time restraints at intervals, let alone how they mesh with the SNF’s Medicare mandates/timing of discharge and patient’s rights/obligations at SNF while awaiting approval.

Tony filled out the application for us; we had to provide him with documents and information, which allowed us to concentrate on Mom and other needs like moving her out of her apartment, paying her bills, etc. Tony is very available for direction/questions during and after the process. Mom was approved in 8 weeks, a lot faster than expected! But it all depends on what medical situation, documents you need and how fast they can be obtained, holidays (we had two major ones) etc.

I highly recommend Tony Bevin from our recent experience. The services provided were invaluable. He has many years’ experience in the field, very knowledgeable, down to business to get your application approved ASAP, always available, and pleasant! Save yourself unnecessary stress and a potentially long and drawn out application process over months. It appeared pricey at first, but with all the allowances and mandated spend down of modest assets, and assurance if Medi-Cal has questions in the future it will be addressed, it was well worth it for Mom to have the best outcome and care as possible.

— Rita
San Diego, 2-6-2017


Thank you for all your help with my husband, Ray's Medi-Cal claim. Your patience and "can do" attitude was very comforting in such a stressful situation.

I want you to know that I will keep you in mind for any future recommendations.


— Eudelia
San Diego, 11-16-2016

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